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Dwell's Approach and Philosophy

At Dwell Esthetics, we have over 25 years combined experience. We believe that the skin and body heals and activates best when the mind and soul are calm and feel safe. We abide by the philosophy of combining a holistic approach with clinical practices that gives the client the ultimate skincare experience. Not only does the client get a deeply restorative treatment, but can see visible instant results!


At Dwell Esthetics, we give the client a luxury resort spa experience at an affordable price. Using high quality, concentrated skincare, you will see instant results and feel a difference in your skin right away. Our treatments are meant to stimulate and invigorate your skin. To wake it up and get it working how it was meant to! Book with us and experience a deeply restorative, rejuvenating and regenerating Facial!


Facial Cupping

Gua Shua

Facial Massage




Skincare Recommendation

High Frequency



Kansa Wand

Anti Aging

Corrective Skincare

Oxygen Serum infusion

Reiki and Sound Bath

The Space

You will find me at 3354 Loma Vista Rd located within Pura Derma Therapies, Beauty and Wellness Studios. Pura Derma Therapies is a thoughtfully designed space that promotes healing and relaxation. You will find a tea room to rest before and after treatments with a variety of teas to choose from. Other offerings are massage, bodywork, cupping, energy healing, advanced corrective skincare, organic holistic skincare, Waxing, Brow/Lash tint and Lamination, and more! To learn more about the other providers at Pura Derma Therapies, click the button below.

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