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L.E. Skincare Therapist

Beauty and Wellness

Beauty by Jamina offers a calm, restful environment for both body and soul. Using a combination of holistic and clinical practices Jamina gives clients optimal overall healing with visible long-lasting results. Her proprietary method allows the body and mind to heal through the ultimate skin care experience.


Jamina provides the ultimate skin care experience giving instantly visible long-lasting results.


You can find Jamina within Pura Derma Therapies, a collection of Beauty and Wellness Studios. 3354 Loma Vista Rd. Ventura, CA.


A combination of holistic and clinical skincare to give you the best of both worlds.

Bath Salts and Oils


Skin, Mind and Body

Jamina's approach to skincare combines holistic and clinical philosophies to give you the best of both worlds. Using a combination of chirally correct skincare line, CBD line and 100% organic lines, while utilizing non-invasive machines and her own hands to stimulate and encourage your skin's natural ability to function, her treatments are one of a kind. Each treatment encourages a skin, mind and body connection through deep breathes and deep relaxation. Not only will your skin be glowing but your soul will be too!

Homemade Skin Care


Facial Cupping

Gua Shua

Facial Massage




Skincare Recommendation

High Frequency



Kansa Wand

Anti Aging

Corrective Skincare

Oxygen Serum infusion

Reiki and Sound Bath

Client Testimonials

Here's what Jamina's clients have to say.

"I've been looking forward to getting a

facial from Jamina for awhile now! Her

approach and knowledge of the skin

and body creates an experience that

lives with you for days following."

Sara P.

"Such a lovely experience!

Jamina was so sweet and really

made me feel comfortable. I was very

happy with the after results.

Will definitely return!"

Amanda G.

"Jamina is incredibly intuitive and

thoughtful in her approach to skincare

as a holistic experience. The facial I

received from her was not only

extremely relaxing, but transcendent."

Olivia J.


 "I felt so refreshed and renewed! I was

literally glowing when I left. My skin

was rehydrated and nourished. And

over a week later still feels fresh and

new. It was a fabulous experience."

Shannon C.

"Jamina is tried and true one of the most

talented estheticians out there. She has

a gift, she knows how to get her clients

to relax and fall into her treatments. Her

space is SOOO nice inside."

Scott M.

"Jamina is amazing. She welcomed me

so warmly and her nurturing presence is

truly healing on its own. Along with my

facial she gave me a relaxing massage,

a sound bath and even energy work!"

Alix C.

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