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Elemental manifestation mini retreat!

Oooff!! What a mouthful right? It's also soulful! Come join us for a soulful experience where connections will be sparked, manifestations will be dreamed up and playful movement is honored.

What to expect

This mini-retreat is packed full of goodies: dance, meditation, sound bath, tea ceremonies, journaling and connection, oh my! I am co-hosting this beautiful event with Earth to Alix. She is an amazing energy worker, Reiki Master and incredible human being. Together we will lead you on a journey diving deep into your true self, connecting with your soul's destination and at the same time feeling light and fun doing it!

Space is limited. We are very conscience of creating a small, safe gathering where each guest feels comfortable to chat and share. We want to hold space for you to come as you are, be fully supported on your journey and feel completely welcome. Su casa es tu casa.

As this year is unfolding, we are all about a soft start. Not a race, no strict goals, no expectations per se. This is about easing into who you are, what you want for yourself and being kind and patient with the process. This is an experience. An immersive journey into the wilderness of your own soul. Come connect with us!

What to bring

  • Blanket

  • Yoga Mat

  • Water bottle

What we will provide

  • Welcome Gift Bag: Journal, Pen, Candle,

  • Tea and Mug

  • A safe space

  • Guided journey!

  • And everything else!

To sign up, Email Alix to reserve your spot

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