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New Year Specials with Bre!

Updated: Jan 9

Hope everyone had an amazing break! Welcome to 2023. I don't know about everyone else, but we feel pretty great about this year. To start this amazing New Year off even better, Bre has some very generous offers! Bre wants to help you get your skin in the best shape and health it's ever been. She will be your personal Skin Fitness Trainer!


New Year, New You!

Just kidding... keep being the awesome, amazing human you are!

Just with more beautiful skin!

Let Bre treat and massage your skin into beautiful shape.

Consider her your skin fitness trainer! Skin Boot Camp 2023.

Let me do the math for you!

Series of 3

$105 X 3 = $315

10% = $31.50

You pay $283.50

You save $10.50 each facial!

Series of 5

$105 X 5 = $525

15% = $78.75

You pay $446.25

You save $15.75 each facial!

Series of 5 with purchase of product bundle

$105 X 5 = $525

20% = $105

Basically you're buying 4 and getting a free one!

Product bundle = $140

You pay $420 for facials + $140 product = $560

*You can always upgrade or add on, ask Bre when you come in.

*This offer is only valid with Bre.

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