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Why Facial Massage is important!

Facial Massage is not just a luxury 'fluff' treatment. Increased blood circulation, oxygenation and lifting and firming are just a few benefits that have lasting effects. Why are these important for skin health?

Our nutrients are carried through our blood, that's how it's delivered to the areas our body needs it. When blood flow is blocked or stagnant, then our nutrients can't get to where they are needed, which can cause blockages and other problems in our body. In our face, it works the same way. Our skin is made up of the same cells and tissues that are found in other areas of our body, the difference is that we use our face more often through our emotional expressions and from being exposed the most to the environment. This is why our face usually get wrinkles first.

Wrinkles are essentially caused by us doing the same expressions day after day and our sleeping habits. Wrinkles are similar to scar tissue, it's our body's way or protecting that area. Our body sends a signal to an area where our skin is used more often in an effort to protect it by creating 'tougher' cells. What does this have to do with blood circulation?! These 'tough' cells are thicker and can restrict blood flow. SO when we massage our face we increase our blood flow which in turn softens our skin!

To read more about the other reasons why facial massage is important, click the link below!

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